Executive Director - Ian Bushfield

Ian BushfieldIan Bushfield was the first Executive Director for the BC Humanist Association and lived for two years in the UK where he worked on campaigns with Sense About Science. He has a background in physics and non-profit management and grew up in Alberta.


Board of Directors

The BCHA's Board of Directors is elected from our membership at our Annual General Meeting. Read more about their roles and responsibilities and our other policies.

The 2016-17 Board consists of:

President - Joann Robertson

Joann RobertsonI was born and raised in the Yukon. We never lived close to a church, so that was not part of my history but we were taught "Now I lay me down to sleep, if I should die before I wake I pray the lord me soul to take." Which was not a comforting before sleep image. When I married we decided that we would attend church as a family mostly, I think, because that was what one did. That did not last long, maybe 2 or 3 years. Gradually I became an agnostic and now I am an atheist. The concept of an all-knowing god simply does not fit my logical mind.

I went to Simon Fraser University as an adult and have a degree in Sociology. I worked in Social Services doing individual, group and family counselling; developing new programs and related work.  Now I am a volunteer BCHS Chaplain at the Multifaith Centre at Kwantlen University, Richmond campus.


Vice President, Secretary - Gord Leslie

Gord LeslieI was born in Garden Bay, BC and was raised in a pretty irreligious home.  Our family moved around a fair bit in Alberta and BC, so I must have picked up the wanderlust from that.  I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1979 and became an electronics technician.  My fifteen years of service in the CAF allowed me to travel from one end of Canada to another, as well as Europe. After the Service I lived on a sailboat for a few years, eventually taking a job as a live-in caretaker at a salmon hatchery. 

In 2002 I used Humanist Canada’s list server to find another atheist on the Sunshine Coast.  In the summer of that year, Harold Fletcher and I started the SC Secular Humanist Association.  It’s still going today.  I moved to Surrey in January of 2015 and started working on a humanist group for the South Fraser area.     


Treasurer - Colin Crabbe


Director - Anna D'Archangelo


From small town Saskatchewan, I was born into a rigid Mennonite family.  The teachings did not make sense to me.  I found church was a very uncomfortable place and I was often frightened by what I was taught.  I could find no useful function for religion in my life as I grew up and I feel that it contributes to dysfunction in families.

I attended business administration courses at SAIT and attended University of Calgary, graduating with a degree in Sociology.  As a parent of a child with Downs Syndrome with severe congenital heart and lung disease, I was affected by government and health bureaucracies and came to realize how random their policies and decisions were.  These arbitrary decisions affected funding and access to programs and health care, which were badly needed.  I served on the board of the Post Secondary Education Society, which provided the opportunity for differently abled high school graduates to attend university and socialize with their peers.  I was also a member of the Alberta Association for Community Living, as it was called then, which advocated for the rights of all persons with differing abilities.

I am now semi-retired in Vancouver, employed as office manager of my husband’s medical corporation.  I am now pursuing some of the goals I was unable to pursue earlier, such as piano and art.  I am an artist, working in both oils and acrylics.  I am an avid physical fitness enthusiast, engaged in cross fit, hiking, running, yoga, cycling, and skiing.  I also enjoy reading about and debating social issues.


Director - Dan Hanna


I was born and raised mostly in the Vancouver Eastside, until I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1971. I have lived in various places from Ottawa, Inuvik, Masset, Alert NWT, and then Toronto. After getting my BAA in Admin & Information Management, my partner and I moved back to Vancouver in 1997. We worked for the Federal Public Service until we retired in May 2015.

About five years ago I realized I was an agnostic in terms of what I know, an atheist in relation to supernatural forces, and a humanist in how I approach living my life in this world. I am very interested in understanding this world we live in, especially the people. This has led me to learn about the many diverse religions and philosophies that so many people orient their lives around. I believe “understanding,” not agreement is essential to improving this world.

Life is also about having fun. I enjoy learning to play my guitar (I’m a work in progress for sure), cooking and baking (aloo gobi to rustic no-kneed bread), reading all sorts of books, and contributing to worthy causes (like the BC Humanist Association – YEAH!).


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