Summer 2021 fundraiser

We once again need to ask for your help.

Last summer, you blew us away and more than doubled our fundraising goal. That support helped us retain a strong team through the fall and spring who surpassed our goals. In particular, we were able to:

  • host an impressive virtual lecture series,
  • produce guides on death and dying,
  • document unconstitutional municipal prayers and
  • calculate the cost of religious property tax exemptions.

Looking ahead, we're setting our sights on ending public funding of private religious schools.

In British Columbia, nearly half a billion dollars goes to private schools: most of them religious. These include schools that teach creationism as science and exclude LGBTQ2S+ students and staff. The overwhelming majority of British Columbians do not support funding these schools; its time to end the two-tiered education system.

The first $5000 raised will go straight to our efforts to campaign for public funds for public schools.

As one of our supporters, you know we are always working on a number of campaigns and projects. So we're hoping to exceed our goal so that we can put those additional funds into all aspects of our work.

$3,646.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00

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