John Ince - Happiness and How to Maximize It

John Ince, who intrigued and edified us with his excellent talk on The Political Implications of Sex on Dec 6, 2015, returns for a talk on Happiness and how to maximize it.

Science has identified the ingredients of happiness.

But most of us don't know them. We can help you learn them and grow happier!

JOYSHIFT is a new concept in personal development, and yet is based in the ancient wisdom of our genes! It is a happiness practice that applies the latest discoveries of psychology to bring into our lives the key essentials of happiness: what we call the “primal nutrients”.

Have you heard of the paleo diet or the primal form of exercise called Crossfit? Both are hugely popular today. Joyshift is the first personal development system to apply this primal perspective to our emotional life.

Primal nutrients of happiness include: lots of physical movement, spending quality time in small bonded groups, and rich contact with nature. There are several more.

But most of us lack many of the good things our genes really enjoy. So we fail to maximize our happiness!

This talk will describe the primal nutrients and how you can live a life filled with them.

Recorded at the Sunday, January 17, 2016 meeting of the BC Humanist Association in Vancouver. Subscribe on iTunes.

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