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> One other thing I wanted to mention in a very general sense --
> although I am not 'there yet'. It's always been my plan to try to
> inoculate my daughter against the "What?! You're not religious?!"
> reaction by explaining to her that some people believe stories to be
> true even when they're not necessarily true -- and they're perfectly
> free to do so. I would tell her not to be surprised if other people
> act shocked or even hostile when she doesn't share those beliefs --
> because those beliefs are important and meaningful to them.

  Yes,  This happens very regularly, but is a good jumping off point for
discussions about tolerance.  I find that other people's bad behaviour is a
great learning tool.  Unfortunately, the world is full with learning tools
(pun intended). ;)

> I may be naive but it's my hope that I can instil in her the
> confidence, understanding and value for critical thinking before she
> gets trapped on a road trip with a school friend who's parents are
> hymn-singing, sinner-bashing Baptists. (And make no mistake, this
> happened to a friend of mine and it will happen to us). From what I
> hear, it's never the kids you need to worry about - it's always the
> parents who believe they're "doing the right thing" in spite of you.

Yes again.  The kids usually have no interest in preaching, so we are ok
there.  The parents on the other hand...  Last year my son was in a Lego
NXT group with some local homeschooling families.  One meeting, the mother
who hosted and led the group led them all in a group prayer about the
dangers of Satan reaching kids through video games.  My son was quiet and
respectful during the prayer and found it rather ridiculous, especially as
her kids play far more violent video games than our secular household
allows. ;)  To be honest, when he told me, I laughed my behind off and then
told him that I now have something to hold over his head if he misbehaves.
 "Be good or Mama will pray over you", lol.
 I feel fortunate that my older kids (my nine year old is still figuring
this stuff out) don't feel any societal pressure to conform to religious
beliefs.  They are very confident that science is the answer, not
mythology, and would not be swayed by hymn-singing Baptists, although they
would never want to go on a road trip with those people again. ;)


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