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Wed Oct 3 13:19:31 CDT 2012

  Hi Lori,

  I am a little further along on the parenting journey than you are, with
three children ages 16, 13 & 9, but this is still a tough one to figure
out.  We are in Cloverdale, and as homeschoolers, are surrounded by
fundamentalist christians who would not be ok with my kids being athiests.
 We just try to live and let live, and I find that the kids never talk
about religion when together anyway.
  The biggest problem for us is how I can talk to their mothers when all
they talk about is church and their next mission.  It is slightly amusing
to me when they lean over conspiratorially and talk about someone who
"isn't even a Christian".  Little do they know. ;)  For the most part, I
try to limit my interactions with these people, which can be kind of
lonely.  It also limits friendships for my kids, which is unfortunate, but
they seem to be happy and I would rather they had fewer friends they can be
themselves around than lots of friends from whom they have to hide their
true selves.  In other words, I have no answer to your question, but lots
of commiseration. :)


On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 8:36 AM, Lori baker <bradloribaker at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just wanted to send an email with a slight introduction and question.
> I am fairly new to the idea of actually coming out and seeking
> humanist/atheist websites, groups etc but have been more active in my
> search lately as I want to prepare myself with some knowledge that is
> accurate to pass to my children in the hopes that they will come to a self
> awareness of their own beliefs of this world.
> We've have recently moved into a new neighbourhood and many neighbours are
> religious and church going while we are very much not. Also, my son has
> recently started school (kindergarten!) and my daughter will do so next
> year so I want to prepare them with some response to the question, "do you
> go to church?" other than just no. Most parents don't seem to just accept a
> no answer, unfortunately. My hopes are to explain things as an on going
> process that is leveled to their age which is currently only  4 and 5. What
> I am seeking is some books that cater to this age group with content that
> explains that there is other beliefs/religions and perhaps some books about
> basic morals. We have started a dialogue about feelings and taking
> accountability for the way we treat others but every parent knows that this
> is an on going process! Upon searching the web, there are too many choices
> for such content to narrow down to just a few so I am asking if there is
> any "favs" out there that I can review.
> Thank for taking my question.
> Lori Baker
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