Humanism, as a progressive life stance, seeks to make this world a better place. As such, many of our members are passionate about many different causes.

In the past week we had a couple different petitions brought to our attention that we'd like to share. Please read more about each of these issues and decide whether you want to add your name to the accompanying petitions.

First, Dale sent a note to chatter about Bill C-279 an "act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression)." This federal private members bill was introduced and passed the House of Commons during the last Parliament but unfortunately the bill died in the Senate when the last election was called. For more information, read local skeptic and transgender blogger Natalie Reed's rallying call for support of this bill. Consider signing the online petition to support the passage of this bill.

Next, Brien brought a paper petition a couple weeks ago to support the banning of the sale of dog and cat fur in Canada. For more information, visit the campaign's website. There you can print paper copies to distribute and sign, and find links to email your MP.

Let us know if you have an issue that you believe humanists should be rallying around.


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