Details about our 2013 Annual General Meeting, to be held on 28 April 2013 at 10 AM at the Oakridge Seniors' Centre in Vancouver, BC.

Please join us on April 28, 2013 for our Annual General Meeting. Members in good standing are eligible to stand for the Board of Directors and vote for our new constitution and bylaws.

Our updated constitution and bylaws will enable us to work toward building a provincial Humanist movement while protecting our democratic principles. Please carefully examine the attached draft before the meeting. We will also be considering a resolution to adopt the Amsterdam Declaration 2002 as our Statement of Values and Principles.

What does BC's nonreligious community look like? As part of this year's AGM, we will be announcing the results of a new poll we are commissioning on British Columbian's religious beliefs and their attitudes toward secularism. You can read more about this project on Canadian Atheist. These results will then be released to the media and used to help inform the growth of the Humanist movement in BC.


  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Results of the exclusive BCHA Religious and Secular Attitudes poll
  3. Reports
    1. Executive Director
    2. President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Other Directors
  4. Special Resolutions
    1. Adoption of new Constitution and Bylaws
    2. Adoption of Statement of Values and Principles
  5. Election of Board of Directors
  6. Other Business
  7. Adjournment
Download this file (Constitution - 2013 Draft.pdf)Constitution-draft-2013.pdf[Draft Constitution and Bylaws]698 Kb
Download this file (constitution 1984.pdf)constitution 1984.pdf[Current Constitution and Bylaws]798 Kb
Download this file (Statement of Values and Principles.pdf)Statement of Values and Principles.pdf[Statement of Values and Principles draft]506 Kb

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