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  • John Oliver takes on the failings of sexual education across the USA in his latest episode of Last Week Tonight. It’s worth watching the full 20 minute clip. While his examples are entirely from the USA, many of these issues are also happening in Canadian schools. The Abbotsford School District here in BC has a […]

  • Gretta Vosper, the atheist and Humanist minister of a small United Church of Canada congregation in Ontario, is facing expulsion from her church for heresy. You can read the full story in the National Post. Vosper is a member of The Clergy Project which supports current and former religious professionals who have lost their beliefs […]

  • Kirsten Brawn, one of our Board members, wrote the following poems for a friend’s funeral and wanted to share them. Let us know if you have your own humanist-inspired art that you’d like to share. Having a heavenly everlasting time Her floorboards squeak to remind them of her pretty little atheist feet, For years she […]

  • British Columbia was one of the first jurisdictions in North America to introduce a carbon tax and has committed to aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. More action is needed to reach those targets and the Government recently released a consultation asking for input on what it’s priorities and strategies should be […]

  • For the sixth consecutive year, the BC Humanist Association marched in support of Vancouver’s LGBTQ2+ community. This year, we were one of the many organizations to sign a pledge calling for federal and provincial legislation to ensure gender identity and gender expression are protected by human rights laws. I was also interviewed by CTV News […]


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