Metro Vancouver

Our Vancouver branch has been meeting since 1984 and currently meets every Sunday at the Oakridge Seniors Centre at 10am. We also hold a monthly book club on the first Tuesday of the Month and a Speech Masters series to promote public speaking skills on the Second and Fourth Mondays.

Keep up with all of our Vancouver meetings on our Meetup Page.

While many of our group were off in Renton for the annual Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference, a good number stayed behind and on April 1 (National Atheist Day to some) watched Jonathan Haidt's recent TED talk on Religion, Evolution, and the Ecstasy of Self-Transcendence. The following write up is provided by Ian.


While we intended to watch a new TED talk by Jonathon Haidt this past Sunday, technical difficulties forced us to switch in a video of Mythbusters Host Adam Savage. The following summary is provided by Steve Grice.



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