Crystal provided the following summary of Joyce Arthur's talk last weekend.

Last Sunday, November 18, 2012, the BC Humanist Association had a speaker from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. The guest lecturer, Joyce Arthur, was speaking about the status of women's reproductive rights in Canada.

It was an excellent presentation about the ongoing advocacy work being done by a volunteer network in support of Women’s Reproductive rights.

Points of interest included:

  • Efforts to improve public education on the effective medical guidelines on reproductive procedures
  • Calls to condemn sex-selective abortions which are based on gender prejudice
  • Repealing criminal code changes on the starting point of life
  • Public pressure to end of the flying of Anti-Choice banners in BC
  • The scare tactics and false information being circulated by anti-choice groups
  • Maintaining a continuous watch on the government’s stance on the reproductive rights.
  • The misrepresentation of reproductive medical options and other anti-choice pressure tactics which are being use by many Crisis Pregnancy Centres across the nation.

The BC Humanist Association would like to thank Joyce Arthur for her inspirational presentation and for her tireless efforts in the cause of defending women’s reproductive rights and freedoms.

In a healthy and free society, each citizen should take pride in their right to free expression and remain ever vigilant in the struggle to defend civil liberties.


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