Heather provided the following summary from last week's meeting.

Just a short note on the Humanist meeting of Oct. 21st. The scheduled video "Hope and Humanism" did not turn out as expected. The sound quality was just too poor. But, not to disappoint, the ever prepared Humanist Association had a substitute available.

"Creating an ethical economic system." Although speaking of the US, the general idea crosses boarders. Curt Collier discussed how our economic systems impact us. He discussed different economic systems as compared to the US. Pointing out some of the problems with each.

Turning to environment issues, oil, alternative energies and the impact of our environment on us, he goes on to discuss solutions. We should become (if not already) shared (rather than merely self) interest consumers, discussing ethical purchasing techniques.

Whether you agree or think he might be unrealistic or idealistic, the video was interesting. Discussion followed. Once again an informative and enjoying time.


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