Bon provided the following summary from last Sunday's meeting.


At our October 14th Sunday meeting we had the pleasure of watching Hennie Drenten -Regoczi in a film based on her one-woman performance piece, "Droning of Bombers", produced and presented by James Servizi, a humanist residing in Chilliwack. This was a powerful soliquay of Hennie recounting her experience of the Second World War as the youngest member of a family of nine, on a farm in eastern Holland near the German border. The play evolved when James asked Hennie to contribute to talks that he was giving to school children. She agreed and they wrote the play which became the basis of this film.
Hennie's household was under constant tension, not only from the bombers that droned incessantly overhead but also from fear of exposure as they tried to help anyone they could: evacuees, resistance fighters and one, flute-playing jew, who lived in the attic. The serene flute music was a very effective counterpoint to the murderous chaos going on around them. One can see how this would be  a very effective presentation for young people. The age of the narrator and the suspense of the situation would have a natural appeal and a strong case is made for courageous altruism, forgiveness and understanding.



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