Our Sunday, July 29th meeting was summarized by Crystal.

Last Sunday our meeting topic was "What do Atheists think about an Afterlife." The presentation video was quite inspirational and the following discussion was very thought provoking. Secularists are “good” not simply for fear of being punished or in anticipation of being rewarded in the hereafter, by purely for the sake of being good. It is rational to be good and to care for the well being of individuals, to maintain a peaceful and productive world for all. Atheists rejoice in being a part of the nature and the universe, which is both beautiful and inspirational. Atheists generally agree that, according to the best evidence available, the end of life is final and there is no afterlife. However, it is possible for people to achieve a sense of immortality by passing their genes to their offspring, by writing books to pass along their ideas to future generations and returning the cells of their body to the earth to be recycled back into nature.


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