The following summary of our July 15, 2012 meeting was provided by Stewart.

This week's topic hosted by Ian Bushfield was Understanding Higgs Boson, an overview of the Higgs Boson particle and events around the recent announcement it had been identified by scientists at Cern. It consisted primarily of two explanatory videos, with audience questions following each. Questions and comments after the second video were quite detailed, taking up the better part of a half an hour. The discussion and replies was very lively and animated and it appeared we might have spent even more time on this fascinating and interesting subject. For added assistance in case he needed it Ian even brought along a physicist friend, Lars Martin, whom he held in abeyance just in case. 

Just before the presentation began Glenn Hardie offered a few personal recollections and photos concerning a popular past president (1989-90) named Dr. Guy Richards of the association, who passed away in 2008. His long association with humanism in England and in Saskatchewan and BC were outlined, as well as his significant personal role in the creation of what began in Saskatchewan with the CCF (later the NDP) and Tommy Douglas called The Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Bill and would later morph into to the Canadian Medical Health Insurance Plans we all enjoy today.

Dr. Brien Roy was in attendance also noted and reminded those present of an upcoming Memorial Service for Ernst Poser, a long time member of the association who passed away recently. It's to be held at Cecil Greene House at UBC at 13:00 hrs. Sunday July 22nd 2012. All those who knew Ernest are cordially invited to attend.

Video #1- was an introduction and explanation of the findings at Cern using charts and graphs of readings identifying the elusive particle with Ian doing splendid job for us of explaining some of their important meanings and relevance. Several questions and comments were then raised and answered. 

Video #2- After using charts and graphs in Video #1 we were shown another short video with more detailed and elaborate explanations, and description also using analogies of the phenomenon by a scientist named John Ellis who wore a black T-shirt and had a wild shock of pure white hair and a matching all white full beard, with glasses. Several formulas related to the Standard Model were printed on the front of his T-shirt in high contrast white, which he duly explained after verbalizing some important technical and scientific points, summing up using these white printed formulas on the front of his black T-shirt. All in all a very interesting and eye catching demonstration. Questions and comments were raised and discussed at this point with several analogies put forward in an effort to clarify it's behaviour and characteristics etc. The meeting was then adjourned after a few reminders and announcements etc.


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