On Saturday June 30, 2012, a number of humanists gathered at the Sunset Grill in Kitsilano before joining the 30th Anniversary Vancouver Walk for Peace.

Before joining the 30th Anniversary Walk for Peace, we sat down at the Sunset Grill in Kitsilano for a pleasant brunch. After brunch we wandered over to the beach to gather with the crowd before the walk began.

The rainy weather may have kept some of the crowds away, but we were happy to represent freethought and science, in light of the numerous conspiracy theories and opening prayers. Among the conspiracy theorists present were a small number of people who were convinced that "chemtrails" (the condensation that follows high-altitude jet airplanes) were being used by Monsanto to poison the crops and that Vancouver's recent rainy weather was due to these chemicals.

But the majority of the walkers were there for peace and the drivers that passed us generally honked in support of that message.


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