The following write up was provided by Mclean:

On Sunday, June 17th, we watched watched the first two parts of a series on 'Parenting Beyond Belief' by author and public spokesman Dale McGowan, who has written a book and runs a blog with the same name.

Mr. McGowan talked about how it was hard to find materials on how to avoid raising your kid in a box, and how when he decided to write these materials it was hard to get published, even though there are plenty of resources for how to raise kids in religious boxes, including Wiccan ones. He then listed important reasons for secular parents to expose their child to religion.

In the lengthy discussion afterwards among ourselves, many examples of parenting were brought up, both on how people were raised and how they raised their kids, with different results.

Furthermore, many mentioned that having a sense of community was important, and see humanist groups such as the BCHA as being able to continue to fill a much needed role of community in the future.

After the morning events, the weather gods must have been pleased with our impiety since the weather was pleasant enough to overindulge us with sunburns.

We had three young families show up with children ranging from 10 months to 4 years old, and plenty of food and drink donated by members as well as a generous contribution by Safeway, including tasty cupcakes with the BCHA logo on them (Thanks Heather!).

In all, it was a pleasant afternoon filled with stories and laughter, and we hope to hold future events such as this in the future.


For more information on Dale McGowan's work, including links to his books,  blogs, and live online events,  please visit:

For youtube links to the videos series we watched #1 and #2 of ('Parenting Beyond Belief'), visit:

Also, past president of the Florida Humanist Association, Jennifer Hancock, has published a book online: 'The Bully Vaccine', as a practical guide for parents::


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