Help build a Humanist response to BC’s Climate Leadership Plan

Mount_Robson_and_the_Robson_GlacierBritish Columbia was one of the first jurisdictions in North America to introduce a carbon tax and has committed to aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. More action is needed to reach those targets and the Government recently released a consultation asking for input on what it’s priorities and strategies should be to reach those targets.

As Humanists, we base our worldview on science and compassion, so we support the scientific consensus that human activity is a major driver of climate change and that urgent action is needed to minimize the costs which will be born unevenly by the world’s poorest peoples. As such, we will be responding and telling the Government its policies must be informed by the best scientific evidence, its efforts should be open to independent scrutiny, and it can’t let vested interests dominate the conversations.

We’re still building our response though and I want to know what you think we should include. Email with your suggestions. As soon as it’s ready we’ll share it with you.

Make sure you also fill out the Government’s survey with your own priorities.

The deadline for responses is August 17th.

And make sure you continue to support the BC Humanist Association as we advocate for a better world based on reason and compassion.

Update (11 Aug 2015): We have submitted our response to the BC Government. You can read it here [pdf]. Please make sure to add your voice.

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