STOP BILL C-51 – United We Stand, A Canada-Wide Rally

The next rally in Vancouver protesting the police state bill, C-51, is taking place at 1pm Saturday 18 April, in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery near Hornby and Georgia.

Contact: Melissa Paquette at or 587 777-0527
“STOP BILL C-51 – United We Stand, A Canada-Wide Rally”
April 18th 2015
Join with thousands of Canadians (and residents of Canada) across the nation in solidarity against Bill C-51 at a family friendly, peaceful demonstration against the governments’ proposed “Anti-Terrorism” legislation.  This proposed legislation threatens the rights and freedoms of all citizens in Canada. This will likely be the last opportunity for the public to demonstrate before the legislation undergoes a third and final vote in the House of Commons when parliament resumes on April 20th, 2015.
Bill C-51 threatens to: 1. Violate Charter rights, says 100 legal experts and professors in an open letter to the public; 2. Be rushed through Parliament with little debate or meaningful amendments; 3. Risk CSIS, an intelligence agency, becoming a secret police; 4. Act as a catch-all for those who dissent and criticize the government and its agencies; and 5. Define environmental, 1st Nations, and other activist groups as “terrorists”.

On Saturday, April 18th, 2015 across Canada Canadians will gather to protest this bill.  While concerns about the bill are diverse, dissenters agree that it is reckless and dangerous legislation, which even if amended, could be abused to infringe on our democratic right to free speech and expression.

This national day of events is being hosted across Canada, including Vancouver, Victoria, Vernon, Calgary, Edmonton, Brantford, Elliot Lake, Guelph, Kamloops, Halifax, Lethbridge, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Sarnia, Sudbury, Thunder bay and more are interested and getting organized.  This coalition is being coordinated and organized by members of Reddit (/r/Canada), Protest Canada, and local, non-partisan activists from across the country.

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  1. Diane richards said:

    Down with Bill 51 … I want my Canada back !

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