Here we are

It is easy sometimes to forget to indulge in the beauty of the worldview that humanism offers, though these words do little justice to the image I would like to convey, allow me to present them anyway:

We are what we are, and what is, is.   As we fall from one moment to the next, who we are and how we perceive the universe which supports us changes ever so slightly.  Yet, as we look down into the mists of future time, we see paths so innumerable as to become a writhing ocean of choice, a billion motes of future selves and future universes waiting to be discovered and explored.  Behind us our trajectory reminds us of who we were, yet more astoundingly is criss-crossed by the flights of thousands of other divers through time. Through them we learn of vistas unexplored and the wisdom of millions, as we in return relate our travels through the voices of our future selves in the ocean below.    As we peer down below, notice how those areas of peaceful beauty and  complex splendour are those in which we have held hands and worked together to set ourselves and our world to reach such places:  motivated by compassion, inspired by beauty, and empowered by reason and evidence.

Though our lives may be long or short, none can contest that the view is amazing.  Let’s make it even better.   Together, the world becomes a more beautiful place.

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