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Hello and welcome to the British Columbia Humanist Association (BCHA)’s discussion board. We are a community centred around, among other things, humanism, secularism, human rights and charity. Furthermore, visitors to our Sunday morning meetings find our members are passionate about (and happy to discuss!) great deal more, from moral philosophy to politics to science. It’s a warm and dialogue-rich environment, and you’re encouraged to join.

To call this a blog may be technically true, however the authors aren’t doing this for our benefit or gratification. We firmly believe here that the most important function of this blog is not, in fact, our “Make a New Post” button, but rather your “Comment” button. It’s discussion we value here. There are no shepherds here; there are no sheep. There are only equals in an exchange of ideas. We’re not here to talk at you (although we love finding things to discuss!) and we’re not here to info-dump (although we aim to be informative!).

Perhaps you are here visiting us because you affirm—or seek to affirm—moral realities that exist regardless of dogma or fiat or holy writ. Perhaps you are here because you are curious about those who do. Perhaps you’ve heard the late Christopher Hitchens’s question—”what moral action can a believer commit than a non-believer cannot?”—and you’re drawing a blank, or perhaps you have an answer you wish to share. Perhaps you are, simply, looking to give back to the community in a meaningful and charitable way. Whoever you are, you are welcome here.

We’re here to build something great, and we’d appreciate your help.

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  1. This looks fantastic. Anyone hoping to contribute should send us an email.

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